3 Highly Profitable Yet Low Cost Business Opportunities for Seattle

With a prime location between the saltwater Puget Sound to its west and surrounded by the Lake Washington in the east, is the city of Seattle also known as the “Emerald City”. The city had so much for its inhabitants as well as for outsiders, as you can find number of mountains, water places, and evergreen forests here.

The city also serves as at the east coast seaport that helps a lot in the economic growth of the city. It is also ranked as 15th largest city in United States. You may be surprised to know that Seattle is the city which was built from scratch after it was burned down number of centuries ago.

Now after its re-establishment the city has given birth to most of the well known companies in the world and Microsoft is at the top of them, other big names are Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks etc. With all modes of transportation working effectively in the city and known as the world top center for latest technology and e-commerce business, the city had a special international economic importance.

This trend makes Seattle one of the best places in the US to start and run a small business. Though there can be tons of business opportunities for Seattle, but I would like to discuss three that have great potential. Let’s see what these are:

1- Web development sourcing:

With so much of advancement in technology, the web development business is also growing quite well. You can get some local projects at higher rate and can outsource them to cheap countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

2- Ferry rental business:

With a seaport at the bank of city, there is a huge profit in a doing a ferry rental business in the city. People love to celebrate their special events on ferries and you can get some good profit in this business.

3- Frozen food business:

Now a day’s frozen food business is growing rapidly as people are too much business in their life that they don’t have time to cook food for themselves. You can start frozen food service initially at your home and can expand it when you get some regular customers.

The Bottom Line:

When it’s come to starting a business in Seattle, your deduction and lot of efforts are required to get success. Let it be any business idea, a theme cafe, specialty restaurant, entertainment busines or even landscaping and gardening, success depends on dedication and effort.

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