How Small Companies Should Prevent Data Breach

The data breach has already demonstrated that it can be a catastrophic event to any business, especially to the small organizations that are not prepared to handle this threat. Recent reports indicate that among the companies attacked, 60% of them are small companies. This means that small companies are prone to cyber-attacks and data breach if they do not institute the necessary preventive measures to counter these threats. Here are some of the most reliable steps that small companies can use to prevent a data breach.

Regular System Maintenance

Startup companies should make sure that they conduct regular system maintenance. Company systems are engaged continuously, which might weaken their defensive schemes. Therefore, performing routine and coordinated system maintenance by the use of penetration testing software will help the company to detect weaknesses that can be used by the attackers. All the faults that are detected after conducting penetration test should be solved immediately. Updating the system should be one of the strategies used in securing the system after identifying flaws and weaknesses.

Recognize Social Engineering

Small organizations should understand that cybercriminals are using social information that is available on different platforms to strategize on how to breach the data of the company. Social engineers are collecting data from all the sources available such as Facebook and Twitter after which they pose as company employees so that they can be allowed to access the data of the company. Others are using false presence such as impersonation among other tricks. Companies should formulate codes or encrypted message that they can use to verify whether a person works for the company before being allowed to access sensitive information.

Use Stronger and Longer Passwords

One of the traditional methods of securing company data and ensuring that it is not breached is the use of strong passwords. However, companies have been using weak passwords that can quickly be overrun by robust software. To prevent this, strong passwords, which cannot be overwhelmed with ease should be formulated. These passwords should be changed on a regular basis, which will make it hard for the thieves to predict. They should also not be shared with any person apart from those people who work for the company.

Recognizing Phishing Schemes

Most of the fake email messages that individuals receive are a virus on malware sent by the thieves so that they can steal the password of the computer and thus accessing the data with ease. Most of the suspicious emails that individuals receive come from unexpected or trusted sources such as grocery vendors or credit companies. Individuals are requested to open the links after which their computers are corrupted. Any person who uses his personal computers to access company data should make sure that he deletes all the fake emails from the computer immediately after receiving them, and when getting rid of your computer it would be wise to use Computer Recycling.

These are some of the conventional methods that small companies can use to protect their data. Other multiple methods can be used in protecting the data of the company in one of the data centres uk. However, the most crucial strategy is remaining vigilant and acting immediately when signs of breach are detected.

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