Crucial Attributes of Managers for Talent Retention

How to motivate team for consistently best performance is the foremost quality of an effective leader. This is vitally important to instill a desire in employees to improve as well as cultivate employee loyalty to colleagues, yourself and, ideally, the company. This at first may sound traumatic for some of organizations but with the right attitude and priorities, it is like a cup of tea. Whether you are an entrepreneur or manager, talent retention is very crucial and plays vital role in the growth and development of a business. Also it is crucial because it is directly or indirectly linked with the productivity of the business. In this regard, following tips will of immense help for you. Amicable Communication There is misconception among some of managers that putting orders and creating a sense of fear in employees work well and this is very essential for managerial success. Instead, such approach is now outdated and not in practice because, this is not only the wrong strategy but create a unmotivated and antagonized staff. It is very important for a manager to know how to communicate effectively with every employee and know the ways of answering in the best way. Indeed, some may require firm, though respectful, directives, while others will respond best to a soft tone and congenial attitude. Take responsibility Admitting one’s responsibility is one of the attributes of a good manager. This plays crucial role in making an amiable rapport with employees. So instead of passing the blame on employees, an effective leader should accept their responsibility and be honest in dealing with any issues pertaining to employees’ performance. This is one of the best ways of talent management strategy widely used by managers for talent management. Deal the right way Whether you are dealing with poor performance of an employee or inter-office disputes, it is advisable for you to always adopt the way that is not only amiable but strike issue on the right position. It is up to you to set limits and maintain a harmonious working environment. If you have If you don’t have the wherewithal how to deal with the problem, it is better to hire a person with sound experience of addressing a wide range of issues pertaining to employees and office. Reward best employees Effective talent retention strategy always motivates best performers by appropriately rewarding them. As a business owner or manager, you should be good enough at recognizing the performance of an employee and reward him or her in the same proportion. This is proven approach and works well in keeping talent.

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