Print A Movie Ticket or Take A Screenshot – What Should You Prefer?

We all love movies but now also love the way of booking the ticket as it is completely online. But there are so many people across the city get confused that should they print the movie ticket or having a screenshot would be enough.

Contribute To Environment Taking A Screenshot 

It would be right to take a screenshot of the QR code in order to enjoy a hassle-free experience. But if you have an e-ticket then you need to take a print out. Do try to avoid having a print of e-ticket since it encourages the use of paper. Booking online movie ticket and having a screenshot of the QR also helps to contribute towards the environment. We all know how the environment has become the most talked about topic these days. You can also contribute by not taking a paper print. Less use of paper means less tree would be cut down.

Online Ticket Confirmation

For the beginner, it is a bit tough to understand the entire process in one go. There would be many get confused all about online ticket confirmation. To put in easy words, you will have a confirmation SMS or email according to your preference. The confirmation message you will receive within 15 minutes of payment. It means you will receive booking confirmation so easily.

How To Download Ticket –

Downloading the ticket is easier by visiting “Your Profit” section. All you need to click on “Your Orders” to get the needed information about your online movie ticket. You just need to select the movie order and you can download your movie ticket easily. Moreover, you can also have an entry showing your booking ID. All you need to click on that particular order to get information along with booking id within a short span of time.

Do Check Spam If Not Receive Mail

In case, you do not receive the email then do not forget to check out spam folder as it could be there. Sometimes, these emails sent to spam if you did some particular setting in your email receiving procedure. Always do provider your registered email id that you use frequently so that you would not miss mail based notification.

Smart users also prefer M-ticket in which you just need to show the QR code while entering the cinema. On the other hand, you need to show SMS or email soft copy to get a paper-based ticket if go with E-ticket. If you wish to contribute to the environment by becoming a smart user then you may go with M-Ticket. It means you do not have to take a physical ticket. All you need scan your QR code and you will be allowed to get entered in the movie hall.

So, what are you waiting for? Go with online movie ticket portals to get your movie ticket easily and within no time. It does not matter whether you are experienced or new to these online movie ticket booking portals, they are quite easy to operate. It is time to become a smart user to make your life easier.

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