Tradeshow Exhibit Design Sins You Must Never Commit

A lot of businesses are now waking up to the power of tradeshow exhibit rental in Montreal, and the immense potential it has at generating immediate sales, but most importantly, generating leads, which can then be nurtured and turned into sales a few weeks or months down the line.

But one fundamental aspect of having a successful tradeshow exhibit in Montreal, is to be spot on with the design – it has to be unique enough to distinguish your booth from the rest, and have all the visitors flocking to your stand. To come up with an exhibit design, here are some of the sins you must avoid:

Poorly printed graphics

The game on the tradeshow floor is always about color and graphics. Those who showcase nicely designed graphics, featuring the right use of color tones, are guaranteed to stand out and attract a lot more attendees. They will be easily noticed from all corners of the floor, turning their stand into a hive of activity. It therefore goes without saying that you must never be sloppy in regards to the design and the quality of your graphics.

Poor Messaging

If attendees cannot tell in an instant who you are or what you what type of industry you are in from your brand or product message, you will miss out on the most relevant prospective clients, as they will be less likely to check you out. Your graphics will catch their attention, then they will read the message and become interested in your products and services.

If the message is poor, they will lose interest right after seeing the graphics. They will be more attracted to booths with more elaborate messages that they can easily decipher from the designs, and those that they can relate to most.

Low quality materials

If the materials you have in your tradeshow exhibit rental in Montreal are of poor quality, attendees will be repelled instead of being attracted to your booth. Attendees are very visual and will always tell whether you were stingy in terms of the quality of your booth’s materials. This will not just cast a dark shadow over the attendees’ image of your company, but may also cause passers-by to think that your goods or services are of equally poor quality.

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