What is an emulsion chiller?

What is an emulsion chiller? Do you need to know how a chiller works? Do you want to know what benefits you can derive from the use of these devices? Then you’re in the right place. More specifically, below we will try to explain how an emulsion chiller works and what benefits derive from using it. These are devices that are used in the context of refrigeration systems. More specifically, we are talking about a particular machine, the purpose of which is to reduce temperatures and not just a little, all by exploiting well-known refrigerant gases. It is widely used especially in industrial environments, precisely because there are certain production processes that can reach very high temperatures.


But what is a chiller that works with emulsions made of? There are various types of chillers that can change based on the manufacturer and model. The characteristic that is common to all those on the market, at least in most cases, is that this refrigerating machine is composed of a series of separate machines which, together, refrigerate the rooms. In some cases, there is no shortage of heat exchangers which are equipment in which the exchange of thermal energy takes place between two fluids having different temperatures. Their task is fundamental, because they give or take thermal energy, somehow creating a constant variable in the so-called thermodynamic cycle.

We have just explained that there are several machines on the market, which vary between them, but basically the most important ones are equipped with a valid compressor; with a machine that deals with evaporation; and with a capacitor. However, this exchange of thermal energy between fluids has a cost in energy terms, especially if we are talking about industrial use.

Emulsion chillers are fundamental in high precision machining or with laser technology, where the temperature range must be controlled very strictly. Thanks to those types of machineries, the heat produced by the process can be absorbed and reduced, so that the working temperature does not undergo any change.

Industrial Chillers can guarantee improvements in the productivity of the company and a greater machine efficiency. Emulsions are used in the chiller to decrease the temperature of the machines and plants, while lubricating the system.


We are talking about a complex and demanding machine to say the least. For example, consider that the most expensive element is undoubtedly the internal compressor, even if it is an aspect that varies based on numerous factors. Among these there are two in particular that we will always have to take into account. They are the ambient temperature and the temperature relative to the fluid emitted. It will be precisely the variation of these factors that will affect consumption, so we should not be surprised at all, but rather take it into account, because everything is strictly connected to the temperatures relating to the phenomenon of condensation and evaporation.

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