What Are The Responsibilities Of An Effective Leader In Team Leading?

Leadership is the core of a business that strengthens and facilitates its progress. Leadership is considered an essential factor that determines the success of the organization. It is the art of influencing others even more efficiently. This is the continuous process that ensures the stability of the organization. We cannot imagine the efficient prosperity of business without effective leadership. No one can stop the progress of business if the company has influential leaders. Dr. Richard Nahas review shows how responsible, committed and effective he is as a leader that every team member wants to work with.


To interact with the team positively, leaders must possess practical skills and abilities that come naturally. When companies hire candidates for a managerial position, they ensure that they have all required skills and qualifications. Following are the required qualities of leaders like Dr. Richard Nahas Ottawa which enable them to increase productivity.

1. Honesty and Encouragement

Leaders like Sheryl Sandberg are honest with their words and actions are more likely to gain attention within the organization. Honesty strengthens the relationship with team members. They are motivators as well when the team feels low in critical situations. They enhance passion for the job.

2. Problem-Solving Ability

The responsibility of leaders is not only to provide tasks. They are further needed to assist the employee and solve the issues that may trouble them. This problem-solving ability makes them effective decision-makers.

3. Promote Innovation

To gain new ideas, leaders become active listeners. There is the need to promote innovation because it solves out several issues which are inevitably faced by employees. They may take the help of an innovative approach to solve a problem in the newest and efficient way possible.


The leaders are responsible for the missteps taken by subordinates. The way a leader assists their team highly influences their morale and willingness towards work. Read further to know what are the responsibilities of leaders that make them crucial for business growth.

1. Hold the strength of the team

They build team accountability through effective leadership development. Leaders must set clear expectations and goals that determine the apparent way towards target completion. They train the employees to ensure all employees are accountable for the job roles or whatever they are supposed to accomplish. Internal conflicts weaken the bond of the relationship among other employees as well. Leaders somehow manage to maintain the integrity of the team.

2. Ensure effective participation during discussion

Discussion sessions are often held to talk about the expectations, goals, targets, requirements, and needs. A discussion or meeting makes the employee interested to participate and contribute. Leaders emphasize active listening and speaking.

3. Stress management

Poor time management gives rise to several consequences, including missed deadlines, failure in setting goals, procrastination, chronic lack of sleep, lack of motivation, unhealthy habits. Poor time management raises more stress in the work culture. Leaders streamline the flow of work.


Common managerial mistakes such as unavailability, poor time management, micromanagement should be avoided by a good leader. These mistakes have several negative impacts on the team. The responsibilities of leaders must be fulfilled effectively and productively to ensure the continued growth of the business. The qualities of leaders assist them in accomplishing their job roles more efficiently.

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