Myths of HVAC Services

When you need HVAC repairing you definitely need to call a professional. As HVAC is becoming a norm there are various myths associated to it. You may find it hard to differentiate the HVAC myths and realities. Here we have some popular myths that you might have came across while choosing or maintaining the HVAC systems.

Change the Filter Once

Some people believe are or are told by their friends that they only need to change their filter one time in the year. This is one of the biggest mistakes that they are doing concerning their heating and cooling system because it can decrease its life significantly. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced at least one time every month. You will need weekly changing in houses that have pets or people with respiratory disorders.

Bigger Size HVAC Work Well

Some people believe that a bigger size of heating and cooling system provides better temperature control. It is important to note that having a big system for a small space will be less energy efficient. You will get higher utility bills for nothing.  The best thing to do is to get a heating and cooling system appropriate for the size of the building. This will provide you with efficient temperature maintenance and low energy cost.

No Maintenance Required

Most people believe that when they have purchased a new heating and cooling system, it does not require any maintenance to keep it working. You must keep maintenance in your mind from the very start so that your heating and cooling system has a long life and works efficiently. Maintenance allows your system to work properly and minor faults are identified before they result in big damage. You can compare your heating and cooling system to your car. Even if your car does not stop working you get it checked by the mechanic to maintain oil and water same goes for HVAC.

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