Learning the Top Six Trend Trading Strategy

Most of the traders try to go with the trend so that they can gain success. Actually, being a full-time trader, if you avoid the trend, you can’t get good outcomes. Pro traders always try to cope up with the market so that they can face few problems. But, some traders ply the reversal trading strategy. And so, they face big troubles. By the way, being a newbie, you should learn to go with the trend. Or else, you can’t make money. But, it’s not possible to trade for a long time by relying on one trading strategy. To adapt to the scenarios, you’ve to change your strategy.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top six trend trading strategies for traders. So, if you want to trade properly, you should read the article properly.

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

RSI is also known as an oscillator indicator. The indicator helps to find out when the trend will end and the new trend will emerge. Butby going through this article, the traders will get the signal in the overbought and under-bought levels. Keep in mind, if the asset is overbought level, the price will be decreased. On the other hand, if the price will be an overbought level, the price will be increased. Sometimes, due to important news releases, RSI fails to provide the right signals.

So, being a retail trader, you have to care about these issues. By the way, options traders should use the high-end trading platform. Otherwise, if they use the RSI, they might not get the right signals.

Double top and double bottoms

Double top and double bottoms indicators help to know about the starting and the ending of the trend. However, if the double top emerges, the uptrend will end. And the downtrend will start. So, being a full-time trader, you’ve to understand this issue. Or else, you can’t go with the trend. During the downtrend, as the price will be decreased, traders need to sell the asset. On the contrary, in the time of uptrend, as the value will be increased, they need to buy the assets.

Moving average

Traders use different types of moving averages during the time of trading. Different types of moving average works differently. For example, the slow-moving average aid to determine the actual value of the asset and also aid to make a few mistakes. Moving average also helps to know about the previous price movement. Traders can also get a critical analysis of the market by plying this indicator. If you’re good at using the moving average, you may easily go with the trend. But keep in mind, while using the moving average, you should trade with the brokers like Saxo Dubai market. Unless you chose a good broker, you will not get accurate data from the technical tools.

Head and shoulders

Head and shoulders also help to know when the trend will end, and when the new one will start. By plying this, they may easily determine the uptrend and the downtrend. As a result, they can easily make the decision. However, sometimes, traders use these in the wrong place and so they face big troubles.

Channel patterns

Many traders prefer to use the channel patterns as they can ply it in the uptrend, downtrend, and sideways trend. Channel patterns mainly helps to find out the high and lows of the market. But, as a retail trader, you need to remember, if the market is highly volatile, you should not use this.

On-balance volume

On-balance volume helps to assess the volume of the assets. If the value increases, the volume increases. On the contrary, if the value decreases, the volume will decreases. So, if the traders can learn to use this properly, they may determine the direction of the price of the trading instrument. But, in terms of using it, they need to become careful because it may provide the wrong signal.


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