Is UV Light Technology Safe And Effective?

UV light technology is one of the oldest forms of disinfection. However, its full potential for commercial, medical, and industrial use has only come to be realized and optimized in the recent past. In the medical field, it has proven to be more effective than other forms of disinfection that have adverse effects on human health and well-being. Hospital grade UV light is a UV sanitizer that imitates the natural disinfecting rays of the sun, yet, they are stronger and can kill viruses, mold, and bacteria. Even then, the question remains; does UV light technology work? To answer this question we’ll explore what UV light can do and its benefits.

Disinfects the Air

Clean and fresh air is essential in any healthcare facility. Not only is it required in meeting the health and safety standards of the hospital personnel. But it’s also useful in the treatment of patients such as those with respiratory diseases or allergies. UV light disinfection of hospitals using units like the R-Zero systems makes the air clean and safe by sanitizing and getting rid of harmful pollutants in the air within the facility.

Reduce Chemicals Use

Chemical disinfectants though widely used are not safe for humans and the environment. Natural and eco-friendly methods on the other hand may not be as effective to be the preferred option.  Also, the use of chemicals requires consistent use meaning that their adverse effects build up over time. In the long run, more costs will be incurred to curb these effects. However, with UV light, the use of these chemicals is reduced exponentially which then protects the environment and human beings at large. The system works like a robot, moving on its own, shining light, and killing microbes in just a few minutes.

No spot is Left Unclean

Healthcare facilities are often large with a compact design and some areas may be hard to reach and disinfect. The equipment and routines needed to clean these areas are often expensive and may not be done as often and needed. Luckily, germicidal light eliminates this limitation by cleaning every spot the light touches, once fully installed. It can be automated to clean a room as often as desired and kills all germs and bacteria in the hidden and tough-to-reach area within minutes.


Unlike other forms of disinfection, UV light technology kills germs and cleans the air. This means it simplifies the work for your HVAC, clearing all odor and particles that make your system work more. This reduces the use of energy needed by HVAC units to keep the air clean. This helps lower your utility bills saving you money while still enjoying all the benefits of clean and fresh air.

Reduces Germs & Bacteria

The use of chemicals may be effective, but it doesn’t guarantee 100% elimination of germs and bacteria. This is because germs are too small and hard to detect with the naked eye. With germicidal technology, germs, fungi, and bacteria are eliminated providing you with clean and quality air.

UV light technology is a safe and effective method of killing germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi in hospitals. For large facilities, this system can be automated to do regular cleaning and improve the quality of air in a short time and cost-effectively.


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