How To Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Real estate investments involve great money and time. Buying and selling property is challenging and time-consuming. A good real estate agent can help you run the process smoothly.

Unfortunately, the real estate industry is full of scammers. You will find many fake agents making big promises and luring you to invest in a property, only to deliver nothing in the end.

Therefore, it is important to consult a trustworthy and professional real estate agent with good credentials and references. You will find the best agent only after meeting a few. The way they talk and make promises can give you a hint to look for red flags.

There are already established digital real estate websites like RE/MAX and Nobul that empower customers by giving them access to all the information they need to learn about various agents, including sales history, verified reviews, and more.

We have compiled steps to help you find the right real estate agent.

Know the difference between a Realtor and a Real Estate Agent

While you may be using these two terms interchangeably, fundamentally they are different. All realtors are licensed to sell real estate, but all agents are not realtors. Realtors are accredited by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and they follow the NAR ethics and code of conduct. Look for a realtor.

Check the realtor or agent’s credentials.

Generally, an agent with a strong work experience would help you find a great deal. Look for someone who does at least one real estate transaction every month. Better if the agent has a considerable amount of experience in sales, negotiations and contracts.

Agents with no experience can also do a good job for you. They must have a thorough understanding of the local real estate market, use the latest tools and technologies, respond to all your queries, and sell you a solid plan.

There are open digital marketplaces now that could connect home buyers and sellers with the right real estate agent. Let me suggest you check out on Nobul. The app allows consumers to choose the agent who will best represent them in a home purchase.

Check the agent’s license.

Search online for agent listings. Every state provides a list of licensed real estate agents. A newbie may be promising, but it is safer to deal with a registered agent.

Study the agent’s website

Established agents have a plethora of information to display on their website. Study their portfolio and check any rewards and honours. Keep in mind that a renowned agent can be busy to give you individual attention. Therefore, look for agents who are well established but not in the league of the top realtors.

Take reference from family and friends.

Your family and friends will give you the first-hand and review of an agent if they ever consulted one. If you know someone who recently did a real estate transaction, reach out to them.

Contact other clients

Take references from the agents you meet. Ask them to share contact details of their recent clients. A trustworthy and skilled agent will share the details with you. Talk to a few of their clients to take the agent’s feedback. You will get a better idea of the agent’s capabilities and mannerisms.

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