Have a Fun and Joyful Office Christmas with Thoughtful Gifts

Office Christmas is a thing we all look forward to. If you are being Secret Santa to someone and have no clue on what would be an ideal corporate gift for your “child”, then you might need to research your options carefully.

Keep the Gifts Casual

If you are not too close with your peers or colleagues, it is always better to purchase casual gifts. One of the best gifts that you can purchase for your “child could be reusable bags.

If you live in Delray Florida, you can check out stores like Custom Earth Promos that offer a variety of eco-friendly gifting items for their customers. You can even opt for custom reusable grocery bags with your company name printed on them. All their bags are made from recyclable materials, taking into account the environmental hazards caused by other materials.

A safe bet would be corporate gift baskets or bags. This can contain an assortment of delicacies like cookies or chocolates. If you are gifting a woman, then you can opt for body care products or spa vouchers. For men, shower gels or car wash kits or tickets to sports games or other activities.

If you know the person personally, you can even gift them gift cards or vouchers from their favorite stores. If your colleague is a travel freak, then they will be delighted with high-end travel kits or duffel bags personalized with their favorite quote or name.

If you are gifting to your clients or customers, you can opt for laptop bags or insulated water bottles with your company logo or tagline. Diaries or notebooks with pens can also make an ideal Christmas gift. If you like to gift something exotic, then you can gift luxury coffee or tea hampers.

If your “child” has kids, then you can purchase Santa socks or bags and fill them up with goodies, decorations, and toys for the kids to enjoy and for your “child” some vintage wine can do wonders for them. If your colleague is a fitness freak, then you can gift them books on health or a gym membership, if they do not have one.

If your colleague has picked up a hobby on gardening, you can gift them a gardening kit or a bonsai plant. If you are close to your colleague, then you can spend a bit and gift them so hi-tech products that can make their lives easier.

Spend Wisely on the Gifts

Christmas is the time where you shop and do not stop. When it comes to corporate gifts and if you are gifting the whole office, then:

  • Ensure that you purchase in bulk to avail discounts
  • Select the gifts well in advance, so that you do not rush in the last minute
  • Be thoughtful and do not gift everyone the same gifts that can become boring


Gifts are items that can make a person feel special so you need to spend some time choosing the right gift. This also tends to be a great ice breaker for new employees as they get to interact with one another and exchange gifts.

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