Big Apple Advances – Why New York Entrepreneurs Are Thriving In Shared Office Space

Life as an entrepreneur can be immensely satisfying but also immensely uncertain and uncomfortable. Having an unstructured lifestyle and fluctuating fortunes can be enjoyable for some but at times this can wear on even the most seasoned business people.

Having a base of operations can go a long way towards introducing some stability into your routine. Especially if you work on a freelance or flexible basis, looking for office space for rent in NYC can be a good idea. More entrepreneurs are finding that shared office spaces allow them to thrive in ways that they could not have imagined before.

Let’s look at some of the specific reasons why New York entrepreneurs are thriving in shared office spaces.

Collaboration And Creativity Abound

One of the most commonly cited benefits emanating from coworking and shared office spaces are the opportunities for collaboration that abound in these environments. With so many like-minded, talented, and driven professionals working in the same space, it seems inevitable that good results and creative new ideas for future projects will emerge. If you choose a shared office space, be sure to introduce yourself to your colleagues on day one to find out if potential business relationships are close at hand.

Entrepreneurs also benefit from the motivational and productivity benefits that happen naturally in shared working spaces. The mere fact of working in a semi-public space can inspire you to stay focused and stick to your tasks without being distracted as you might be in a busy café or public library. By seeing those around you with a great deal of passion for their work, you will feel inspired to look at your own projects with fresh eyes and a new sense of meaning.

Easy Cost Minimisation

With the cost of office space in central locations in New York being prohibitive to most emerging entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to break into the business life of the city. By choosing a shared office space, however, you can enjoy the benefit of working from a downtown location in the city’s financial district while avoiding the hefty price tag. Look for a premium provider of shared working space that offers a variety of packages to suit the needs of your business and budget. You can even find shared office space on a month-by-month basis with only a one-month security deposit required.

All-Inclusive Office Essentials

With shared office spaces, you not only receive four walls and a desk but also all the essential office infrastructure necessary for contemporary work. This includes facilities for printing, faxing, copying, and scanning as well as high-speed secure internet connections. You can also be sure that your surroundings will be comfortable and professionally fit-out with leather, marble, granite, and all the trimmings.

First-Rate Location

In NYC, premium providers of shared office space know how important it is for entrepreneurs to be close to the economic activity of the city. One premium service provider Servcorp, locates their shared offices in the One World Trade Center, now the tallest building in the western hemisphere. With the prestige that emanates from this tower, you can walk into work each day feeling confident and inspired.

Enjoy These Benefits For Your Own Business

All of these tangible and intangible benefits can easily be had for your own business with a shared office space. While it may be an adjustment for those working from home or in traditional office spaces, the balance of structure and flexibility provided by these services is perfect for those who enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

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