Digitize your Documents With OCR Software

Optical character recognition (also known as optical character reader, OCR) is the process by which images of typed, handwritten or printed text are converted into machine-encoded text. This may be achieved by using a scanned document, a photograph of a document or digital image of a document. Simply put, it converts image files into searchable text files. 

Many times, documents used in offices are either handwritten, scanned documents converted into PDF’s, or other image files which cannot be easily searched. This can be overcome by utilizing software which incorporates an OCR Conversion Engine. The OCR engine in the conversion software reads every single character in the input document and converts each one into text. The better OCR software programs use a large number of algorithms to make the best choice of character depending on the shape and curves of the character. They are then identified and printed to the output file which in turn is created as a searchable and editable text file. 

The earliest versions of OCR software had to be trained to recognize each character and could only work on one font at a time. Today, advanced systems are capable of producing extremely high degrees of accuracy recognizing most of the fonts commonly used and can support a variety of digital image file input formats. Some ocr conversion software programs are even capable of reproducing output files which closely resemble the original page including images and other components which are non-textual in origin. 

The most well-known application of OCR software is application specific and is used by banks all over the world. On the bottom of every check is a line of symbols and numbers printed using a special font. This is known as the MICR font. The MICR code is character-recognition technology which eases the processing and clearance of checks and other documents. This MICR line typically includes the type of document, the bank code, bank account number, the check number, and a control indicator. This information allows the banks’ to read the information directly into their data-collection systems and routes that information to the correct bank and customer’s account. 

Other application-specific uses are where companies and organizations handle large amounts of data. Converting this data into text documents or searching for information within non-text documents is tedious and requires extra manpower increasing the costs and time involved. Using OCR Conversion programs the whole process is made easier and faster. 

Everyone knows about PDF (Portable Document Format). All Government offices require it, and most businesses use it, but making your paper documents and old files searchable is where ocr conversion programs are invaluable. Automated OCR software works in conjunction with your existing scanners to capture the inflow of paper and convert it into fully searchable quality PDF files. It can also scan your hard drives for files that match your criteria and convert them into PDF format either replacing the originals or saving searchable copies making sure your documents are ready for indexing and keyword searching.

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