How Online Pharmacies Help People Save Money?

With easy access to internet people these days have plethora of ecommerce websites at their disposal to shop their heart out. But not everybody does online shopping to maintain a good lifestyle instead there are people who shop online because of the only reason i.e. to save some money. The biggest advantage of shopping online […]

Chargebacks: The Ghost Troubling The Growing Market Of Digital Goods

Retailers dealing in digital goods and services like newspaper subscriptions, online gaming, music & video streaming, among others are gaining popularity by the day. But because online business runs round-the-clock, digital goods have also come with challenges like friendly fraud and friendly fraud. And while you’ve heard of “friendly fraud,” the term “family fraud” is […]

New Report Says UK Ecommerce Fraud Soared in 2018

UK ecommerce fraud soared in 2018, hitting nearly £400m; this accounted for the vast majority (78%) of all card not present fraud (CNP). This spike in fraud has many asking what exactly is fuelling the disturbing growth of fraudulent activity and financial loss for UK merchants. According to UK Finance, the ongoing epidemic in data […]

The Importance of an Effective Employee Recognition Program

  Employers are often seeking ways to foster a positive corporate culture. When it comes to employee morale and cultivating an environment that’s both productive and positive, it doesn’t always require a significant effort. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying ‘thank you’ at the right moment. It’s a proven fact that employees work harder and […]

Frustrations of Surfing the Internet

While the internet has brought forth a lot of innovation and great advantages, there are also plenty of frustrations people experience when it comes to internet access. These frustrations range from unavailable sites to pages that load very slowly. There are a ton of factors that influence the speed of the site. Among the factors […]

How to Select Network Monitoring Software

  Given the many complexities of business in a technological era, more than ever before, it’s important to have a network that’s high-performing in order to support business needs. There’s also the issue of cost and how expensive it can become when there are system vulnerabilities that result in a compromised network. The solution is […]