How Small Companies Should Prevent Data Breach

The data breach has already demonstrated that it can be a catastrophic event to any business, especially to the small organizations that are not prepared to handle this threat. Recent reports indicate that among the companies attacked, 60% of them are small companies. This means that small companies are prone to cyber-attacks and data breach if they […]

Digitize your Documents With OCR Software

Optical character recognition (also known as optical character reader, OCR) is the process by which images of typed, handwritten or printed text are converted into machine-encoded text. This may be achieved by using a scanned document, a photograph of a document or digital image of a document. Simply put, it converts image files into searchable text […]

Custom Locker Systems for Any Need

Locker systems can be used for many purposes. They are an essential if you want to optimize efficiency within the workplace if your workplace may be able to benefit from the use of such equipment. An example of a locker system can be found at a site like IT Distribution Locker Answers Locker systems are […]

Business and How Think Thanks Help

In business it’s all about the money. Yes, there are non-profits where the mission surpasses the amount of money being raised, but money is still involved. The toughest part is getting the business off the ground, from your mind into the real world. The second toughest part is getting your first customers, and from then […]

How To Anticipate What Your Customers Want Next

E-commerce is big business, and you have opportunities to do great things if you have a business that sells products online. The first thing that you must do is learn what it takes to track the products that you are selling. You always have a much better chance of promoting your products and growing your […]

Does Guest Posting Still Work In 2019?

Ever since Matt Cutts proclaimed that guest posting is dead, we find the same question coming up every year – is this the year that guest posting stops working? The truth is, guest posting and blogger outreach was never dead, and it will always work. As long as you do it correctly. Google loves content, […]

Tradeshow Exhibit Design Sins You Must Never Commit

A lot of businesses are now waking up to the power of tradeshow exhibit rental in Montreal, and the immense potential it has at generating immediate sales, but most importantly, generating leads, which can then be nurtured and turned into sales a few weeks or months down the line. But one fundamental aspect of having […]