How to Know If Your Washers and Dryers Need Service

To maintain your laundry business equipment and keep them running efficiently, you need to ensure they’re maintained regularly. Keep an eye for any vibrations or noises that could be outside the normal functioning of your equipment. If you notice any issue, you should consider buying the commercial laundry parts from a Laundry Replacement Parts and have the issue addressed early enough, and have your machines up and running. Thus it’ll enhance your service delivery and business profitability. Below are some of the signs that your washers and dryers need to be serviced.

Water Leakage

If your washer starts to leak creating puddles of water in your laundry store, then you need to call a technician. This leaking can be caused by a loose connection or a cracked machine. Another reason could be that the drainpipe is broken and needs to be replaced with a spare from dexter laundry parts. Call a technician to do the replacement.

The dryers or washer making an unusually loud noise

Laundry equipment will make some noise when in use. However, this noise can become too much, unbearable and alarming, and can even turn away customers. If this happened, it could be a result of the appliance being imbalanced due to too much loading. This is a sign that you need to call a qualified technician to inspect your equipment. The technician will check for a loose drum or motor that needs to be fixed. And if you have the required parts ready, you’ll salvage the situation which then helps you serve more customers thus meeting their needs.

You Have an Electrical Issue

If you turn on your machine but it fails to respond or sparks emanate from the plug, then you have an electrical issue to resolve. The electrical issue needs to be resolved immediately before they start a fire in your facility. Additionally, there could be an increase in your utility bills due to excessive use of water and energy by your machines. This is also a sign that your machine needs a technician. They will be able to identify the cause of the excessive use and do the needed repairs. When done properly, this can reduce your business operational costs.

Washing Machine Stops Spinning

If when running your normal cycle the machine stops spinning, something’s off. A piece of cloth or a foreign item could be stuck in it. If this happens, turn off the washer before opening the door to diagnose the problem. If there’s no obstruction, call in a service company or technician to inspect your machine. This can also help reduce downtime in your facility.

No Clear Sign

As odd as it may sound, at times, you may not understand or know what is wrong with your machine. Everything looks fine but still, the machine is acting up. Do not take this lightly and call in a professional technician to inspect the machine for possible damages. This malfunction may be because the machine is old and worn out hence its efficiency is reduced.

Be sure to carry out regular inspection and servicing of your facility’s washers and dryers. In the event, you notice something that is out of the normal. Get in touch with a service company or a qualified technician to diagnose the problem and do the needed repairs or replacements.

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