How Has the Laundry Industry Changed Over Time?

Many of us have been to the laundromat to have our clothes washed clean, seeing our clothes circling in those washing machines for so long. Even if it’s been decades since the laundry industry boomed, the demand will never cease. Ever since laundry services and machines were introduced for mainstream usage, more people headed to local laundromats.

The trend isn’t letting up, with the laundry industry yielding around $5 billion gross revenue yearly. It’s why companies like Clean Venture Fund are seeing more budding entrepreneurs create businesses centered around the laundry industry. Read on to learn more about how the laundry industry continued to change.

The Laundry Industry Trends

While the need for laundry services and laundromats won’t go away, the way clothes are washed, along with the amenities consumers expect when in the laundromat, will continue evolving.

Let’s look into how the laundry industry began and where it is today.

The Beginning

Laundry needs already existed for over thousands of years, with those who lived during the Roman Empire depending on such services. Households send their linens and sheets to their local laundries, called fulleries back then. The cloths will then be cleaned with ammonia and water, to be air-dried afterward.

The Industrial Revolution came, and in 1780, merchandised washers that had rotating drums were introduced. This is when the laundry industry began evolving for the better, with lightning fast and innovative change.

Healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, and even more establishments introduced commercial laundry services, to the point that it became a widespread commodity. The high demand for it inspired better technology for laundry equipment.

Laundry Today

Today, most laundromats are still running on the traditional setting. You are in a large store from a convenient location near your home, where you can find all the appropriate laundry equipment and space for washing, drying, and folding laundry. Some laundromats offer extra services, such as a dry cleaner or tailor to adjust garments.

However, change continues to come, despite the classic situation we witness in local laundromats. Commercial laundry services are now pushing to become more eco-friendly, lightening carbon footprints. This is done through various methods, such as using energy-efficient machines, incorporating ozone technology, and more.

Moreover, the laundry industry and its services are ever-changing, with future trends already coming to make consumer experience a better one. Here are the things we expect (and sometimes now see) in future laundromats:

  • Energy-efficient machines that are affordable and eco-friendly
  • Coinless operation, switching to cashless payment options
  • Wi-Fi accessibility, charging stations, and flat-screen televisions for entertainment
  • More wash-and-fold services
  • Pick-up and drop-off services

As technology further advances, we can expect to see even more amazing changes to make lives easier while the laundry industry continues to grow.

Wrapping It Up

Our laundry needs continue to change drastically over time, but the need for it won’t die down anytime soon. This is why investing in the laundry industry is a great opportunity, provided that you’re knowledgeable on the business.


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