The Importance of Facilities Management

Managing directors put in considerable time and effort into growing their business until it reaches a stage where they have big buildings to manage and HR and staff to track. Therefore, they need a complete platform that can be helpful in managing all of these effectively. This is where facilities management comes in because it […]

High Praise for the Food & Drink Industry for Cost Reduction

While the environmental costs of what we eat and drink should partly be borne by consumers, manufacturers also have an effect on the environment. However, things could be changing. The food and drink manufacturing industry, particularly Coca Cola in Wakefield, has been praised by the Chairman of the Environment Agency for trying to reduce its […]

How Online Pharmacies Help People Save Money?

With easy access to internet people these days have plethora of ecommerce websites at their disposal to shop their heart out. But not everybody does online shopping to maintain a good lifestyle instead there are people who shop online because of the only reason i.e. to save some money. The biggest advantage of shopping online […]

Chargebacks: The Ghost Troubling The Growing Market Of Digital Goods

Retailers dealing in digital goods and services like newspaper subscriptions, online gaming, music & video streaming, among others are gaining popularity by the day. But because online business runs round-the-clock, digital goods have also come with challenges like friendly fraud and friendly fraud. And while you’ve heard of “friendly fraud,” the term “family fraud” is […]

New Report Says UK Ecommerce Fraud Soared in 2018

UK ecommerce fraud soared in 2018, hitting nearly £400m; this accounted for the vast majority (78%) of all card not present fraud (CNP). This spike in fraud has many asking what exactly is fuelling the disturbing growth of fraudulent activity and financial loss for UK merchants. According to UK Finance, the ongoing epidemic in data […]